Agora Energy: carbon dioxide as a storage medium

Redox CO2 battery innovation allowing carbon to be used as storage medium

Originating from University of British Columbia, Agora Energy Technologies Ltd. is a Canadian electrochemical engineering company that provides energy solutions. Its star product is the Agora redox CO2 battery.

Agora develops a cutting-edge battery technology package that directly utilizes CO2 generated in a range of domaines, including grid, micro-grid, industry and telecom, to generate electricity. By doing this, Agora enables an efficient integration of clean energy at grid and micro-grid levels.

“The carbon dioxide enters the battery and the catalyst converts it to a storage medium, and that storage medium is what is used to store the energy.”

Agora Energy is one of the start-ups in the "Energy" category pitching at the virtual Hello Tomorrow Summit, held 16-20 November 2020.

Source: Agora Energy, Natural Resources Canada