Agora Energy wins the Hello Tomorrow grand prize

Canadian Start-up champion of 14 finalists to win €100,000 prize

Following an exciting week of pitches judged by top level deep tech funds, innovation leaders and scientists, Agora Energy Technologies with ground-breaking technology to turn CO2 into a storage medium, track winner in the Energy category, championed the 2020 edition of Hello Tommorrow.

Christina Gyenge (PhD), Ceo & Co-Founder of Agora Energy Technologies, thanked the panel and congratulated other finalists on their innovations with some inspiring words:

To all the start-ups here, you are all here for a reason. You have reach and passion. Please don't ever look in the rear mirror, keeping pushing forward knowing you are the best. For me, I just I hope that for future editions we will power Hello Tomorrow using CO2!

Christina Gyenge, Ceo & Co-Founder of Agora Energy Technologies

Other finalists from respective track categories included:

Orbem (Germany) / Food & Agriculture

Pasqal (France) / Advanced AI & Computing

Teratonics (France) / Industry

Greener Wave (France) / Cybersecurity & Communication

Mission Control Space Services (Canada) / New Space

Cedrion (Spain) / Aeronautics

AidX Medical (Netherlands) / Digital Health & Medical Devices

Osivax (France) / Drug Discovery

Phagomed Biopharma Gmbh (Austria) / Medical Biotech

Gbatteries Energy (Canada) / Mobility

Metalmark Innovations (USA) / Smart City

Napigen (USA) / Industrial Biotech

Celodyne Technologies (USA) / Environment

"We all know that crisis means challenges, but also opportunities. I think this is a good opportunity for innovation, for technology, which are now such central issues. From now on, companies and entrepreneurs will change the way they view this by being more efficient, more tech-driven, better based on cooperative models of working, and finally more sustainable, more human."

Andreas Lambropoulos (Head of Strategic Initiatives IFS, BNP Paribas

The virtual awards ceremony was presented by Andreas Lambropoulos (Head of Strategic Initiatives IFS, BNP Paribas) and Arnaud de la Tour (CEO & Co-Founder, Hello Tomorrow).

Source: Hello Tomorrow