Orange telecommunications tackles e-waste

On October 8 2020, Orange launched its “re” program for recycling, receiving and reconditioning mobile devices in France. "Re" aims to collect mobiles through raising public awareness of the environmental impact of discarded devices, while preparing to enter the refurbished phone market.

Fabienne Dulac, Deputy Managing Director, CEO of Orange France stated: “This "re” program aims to both affirm and strengthen our commitment to the circular economy in everything we do. We also intend to address the entire ecosystem by increasing consumer awareness, thus allowing us to involve and empower our manufacturers.

At "Re" presentation points - progressively installed in Orange stores - visitors can drop off their mobiles, while getting information on the scheme and on access to refurbished devices.

For COP 21 in December 2015, Orange committed to integrating circular economy principles into its organization, reinforced by its Engage2025 strategic plan: - Eco-design of Orange brand products in order to reduce source material impact. - Collection of equipment, setting the target at 30% of used mobile phones.

- Development of giving equipment a second life, with a target of more than 90% of fixed devices (such as routers) collected.

For mobile phones, the target set by Orange by 2025 is for 10% of its sales volume to be refurbished. Orange plans for 20% of its Capex (network investments) budget to be used to purchase refurbished equipment. Orange aims to out pace GSMA Association's objectives by 10 years by being carbon neutral by 2040, despite the current explosion of data usage on digital networks.