Going beyond binge-watching and webinar hopping

Some highlights of how to get the most out of the digital cultural offer, including rare free online courses by Christie's education

The impact of recent sanitary measures on the cultural sector includes accelerated digitalization but also risks of a shift towards pure entertainment / away from culturally enriching content.

This is partly due to venue-based sectors - such as museums, performing arts, live music, festivals, cinema - and the naturally interactive experience they offer taking a hit from lockdowns and social distancing measures.

Another factor is that online cultural content providers are still fine-tuning the offer of user-friendly interface or a well-curated online experience. The resulting risk for the consumer is wasting our leisure time in finding quality films, or tuning in unengaging events.

Hubxygen took a moment to highlight some of the better cultural content available online.

Christie’s Education

You get what you pay for can be the rule for online art education, with open course content often sprawling and under-curated.

Meanwhile, only those prepared to invest can afford university level content, such as expert insights offered by Christie’s Education online courses.

Fortunately, rules have their exceptions! What was our surprise to discover that “In Conversation with Niio: Buying and Collecting Digital Art" being offered on a complementary basis on Thursday, 20 May, 2021 at 5.00pm - 6.00pm (BST). Free courses at Christie’s are rare, so register here to listen in.

Joe Hamilton (AU), Cezanne Unfixed (2018), Niio digital collection

Christie's went all out this month. A contemporary of Hans Hurting and other major figures of the post-war French contemporary art scene, Georges Mathieu is the subject of Christie's exclusive webinar organized in coordination with K11 Art Foundation and the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau on 10th and 17th June 2021. Register here.

French contemporary artist Georges Mathieu

Change your comfort zone in podcasts (French language)

We all have experienced podcast, ranging from the inspiring to the mediocre. The key is to exit your comfort zone by switching genres.

So why not take a plunge into the universe of an architect with THE DESIGN ENTREPRENEURS PODCAST? For the French-speaking public, Maison & Objet’s offers a journey through the art of living with renowned architects, hosted by Philippe Brocart, Director of M&O. The guests – including Tristan Auer, Hubert de Malherbe, Catherine Colin, Thierry Lemaire - discuss their architectural vision while sharing their vision of the world, shaped by their unique vision as creator of spaces, in this little-known and brilliant series, available here.

Netflix highlights

Netflix is not only about binge-watching Bradley Cooper or Adam Sandler getting tasered or snatching bodies. There is a wealth of legendary cinematic content, artist bio films, foreign language films and A-list director historical films on the platform.

‘Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang’ (2016)

A thrilling and inspiring portrait of an original China-born artist whose medium of choice is fireworks and who creates dazzling installations that fill the sky or explode in an art gallery.

Cai Guo-Qiang film still

Training Day’ (2001)

In our view, one of the greatest movie experiences ever. Denzel Washington won his second Oscar to play a dirty Los Angeles narcotics detective, as we live in the shoes of young cop Ethan Hawke dismayed at the corruption of his superior over 24 long, hot hours.

‘Da 5 Bloods’ (2020)

Spike Lee’s latest is a combination of war movie, protest film, political thriller and character. Lee goes deeper than most films of its genre, packing the film with historical references and subtext, explicitly drawing lines from the civil rights struggle of the period to the protests of our moment.

Bajo Cero 2021 (Spanish)

Below Zero is now the most watched movie in the world according to Netflix, in a struggle between a prisoner transport, an anonymous sniper on a vengeance mission and the freezing elements. A tense thriller in the vein of Spanish narrative traditions of critical realism with anarchistic, picaresque vision on a back-drop of the over-riding force of nature.

Tambien la lluvia 2012 (Spanish)

Gael García Bernal plays director who travels to Bolivia to shoot a film depicting Christopher Columbus’s conquest. The crew find themselves facing a moral crisis as the Bolivian film extras violently protest the privatization of their water supply, paralleling the Spanish exploitation of the New World.

For more Netflix inspiration, consult here.

Source: Christie's Education, Maison & Objet, the New York Times