Immersion4: a cooling dip

Immersion4 shows how Ice-Coolant could be a data-center game-changer.

Taking into account that energy consumed to ensure equipment cooling makes up over 40% of total energy consumption of data centers, an efficient cooling strategy is central in the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of data centers.

« Immersion4 submerges servers into a solution called ice-Coolant, which collects the dissipated digital heat and transports it to a single point for transformation. ».

Founded in 2017 by Swiss engineer Serge Conesa, Immersion4 utilizes a 100% synthetic, 100% recyclable, 98% biodegradable oil that emits no polluting particles. The servers are individually submerged in modular and transparent tanks. These tanks (designed to fit all sizes of existing machines) are then filled with the oil, which is non corrosive, dissipates heat 1,500 times more efficiently than air and maintains the temperature of machines at 37 degrees.

The FlowHT system relies on a pump that circulates the heated oil to a heat exchanger to cool it for re-injection into the tanks. The energy thus recovered can be converted into heat, cold or electricity by any external system connected to FlowHT technology, such as domestic heat pumps. Nothing is lost, the process is completely circular.

Even if the pump fails, the fluid is stable enough to maintain server temperature below 60 degrees for several hours. The result: cooling energy savings estimated at 98% for the customer, or between a third and 50% of the total consumption of the entire computer room.

Furthermore, cooling and data storage become independent of their power sources, because they only require a few watts to operate. The servers can thus be installed with their tank in any room: no need to resort to a data center.

The only downside: the system can only be used with recent servers, working with sealed hard drives, such as SSDs, and requires reprogramming of the machines so that they can operate without an internal fan.

In 2019, Immersion4 received international recognition by winning the Innovation and Excellence Award at the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom World Awards. Since then, the company has leased its system through renewable contracts of three to five years. It is already present in many countries: Europe, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the United States, where a subsidiary should soon be established.