Hello Tomorrow Summit 2020 goes virtual

The annual forum of the ultimate Deep-Tech hook-up spot : 16th-20st November 2020

Partnered with 250+ universities & accelerators, Arnaud de La Tour's Hello Tomorrow is the ultimate way to connect all key players (startups, universities, investors, accelerators, & large enterprises).

« Hello Tomorrow has set up an international and interdisciplinary committee of leading scientists, industry specialists, successful deep tech entrepreneurs and renowned VCs, to select the best startups in each industry track. Hello Tomorrow is where you meet the enablers who will take your technology to the next level. ».

Hello Tomorrow's nearly 100 finalist start-ups will pitch their cutting-edge technology and solutions in Food & Agriculture, Environment, Industrial Biotech and Energy. Finalists include: e-Zinc (Canada), which repurposes zinc metal to offer a low-cost and long-duration energy storage solution and accelerate renewable energy markets ; SolCold (Israel) that builds nanotechnological material to harness the sunlight for cooling, and reduce the cost and emissions of existing cooling systems and air-conditioning ; C12 (France) that develops a novel, scalable process to manufacture quantum computing chips.

Source: Hello Tomorrow #HTSummit